Tag:                 Dienstag / Donnerstag
Zeit:                 20:00 - 21:00 Uhr / 19:30 - 20:30 Uhr

Ort:                  Tanzhaus Graz
Saal:                Saal 1

Anbieter/in:   Bruna Diniz Afonso
Trainer/in:      Bruna Diniz Afonso

Level:              Open Level

Einheiten:       15 EH
Kursstart:        12.09. / 14.09.2023

Preis/Drop-In:     auf Anfrage 

Schnuppern:  jederzeit möglich

Anmeldung:   jederzeit möglich

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Bruna Diniz

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The Brazilian Bruna Diniz Afonso was educated in classical and contemporary dance in Belo Horizonte and Vancouver. In addition, she joined courses and seminars in different countries such as Brazil, Canada and London. She was part of the "Balé Jovem do Palácio das Artes" in Belo Horizonte and the "Lamondance Company" in Vancouver. In 2012 she moved to Germany, where she was part of the "Stadttheater Ulm" with the director Roberto Scafati. In 2013 Bruna came to the Graz, because of different engagements at the "Opera House Graz". She danced in many pieces and worked with the director Darrel Toulon as well as choreographies from different invited choreographers. In 2015 she continued her collaboration with the Opera House and worked on the site of director Jörg Weinöhl. She got several main roles in his pieces. Since 2018 she is working as an independent dancer in projects between Austria and Germany, such as the production “Hippolyte et Aricie” in the Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin with choreography from Aletta Collins and stage design by Ólafur Elíasson. As well as, the project “” with Antonia Manhartsberger selected to be part of the Kultur Jahr in Graz. 

Bruna is graduated in Industrial Design in the University of the State of Minas Gerais (UEMG) in Brazil. She is also interested in visual arts and cooperation of different art expressions.


The ballet class enables us to work on a broad variety of muscles. It can also be a tool to feel and connect to our body and ourselves.

This class is an introduction to the basic ballet technique. I believe that the fineness and the strength demanded brings an interesting balance of qualities to explore our feminine side. It reminds us that it is possible to be vulnerable and powerful at the same time.

We will bring our attention to small muscles, especially to the pelvic floor. These muscles are not so easy to access in other activities, but very essential in ballet technique.

This class welcomes anybody who wants to explore her/his own body possibilities, to embrace her/his own feminine qualities, or anyone who simply wants to discover classical ballet. I would love to be able to exchange with you!

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