Ballett (englisch)

Tag:                 Mittwoch
Zeit:                 17:30 - 18:30 Uhr

Ort:                  Tanzhaus Graz
Saal:                Saal 2

Anbieter/in:   Dance Production
Trainer/in:      Genie Patra

Level:             Beginner/Intermediate(ab 16 Jahren)

Kursstart:        01. März 2023

Preis:               161 € / Semester

                                  Drop-In:             15 €   

Schnuppern: 01.03.2023

Anmeldung:  Einstieg jederzeit möglich

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Genie Patra

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Genie is from Los Angeles and has been dancing since she was 3. Her dance education stems from her time at Gotta Dance Studio, Burbank Media City Ballet, Millenium Dance Complex, The EDGE Performing Arts Center, Pineapple Dance Studio, and Ballett Akademie Graz. In her teen years, Genie attended the Joffrey Ballet Contemporary and Jazz spring workshop in New York. And although she didn’t end up enrolling, she was offered a spot in the Joffrey Ballet School on partial scholarship. Furthermore, Genie has danced on several teams. These include contemporary with Icarus Contemporary, hip hop with NSU Modern, and commercial/showdance with Dance Production Graz. Her favorite dance styles are jazz, contemporary, and ballet.  

When it comes to dance education and teaching, Genie believes that a strong foundation is core to growth and development for each dancer. Regardless of the dance style, every step, movement, and skill has to be grounded in the basics. Then from the basics, the student dancers are able to improve and build upon their abilities in a safe and sustainable way. Genie sees the dance class and the studio as a welcoming space for dancers of all levels to learn. Students shouldn’t be afraid to fail in class because class is exactly where mistakes and failures are meant happen. 


Ballet basics for adults! It’s never too late to start ballet. This class is for all adults who have wanted to try ballet but didn’t get the chance to before, those who have ballet experience but haven’t been in the studio for a while, and dancers from other styles who want to improve their dance foundations through ballet. In each class we’ll start with ballet barre and move to center. Ballet shoes are recommended but not required.

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