Jazz Funk

Tag:                 Montag & Mittwoch

Zeit:                 Mo 19:30 - 20:30 Uhr                         Mi 18:15 - 19:15 Uhr

Ort:                  Tanzhaus Graz
Saal:                Saal 2 / Saal 3

Anbieter/in:   Polina Suvorova

Trainer/in:      Polina Suvorova

Level:              All Levels

Einheiten:       20 EH
Kursstart        12. September 2022

Preis:               9 € / Drop In

Schnuppern:  jederzeit möglich
Anmeldung:   jederzeit möglich

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Polina Suvorova

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2 years of ballet academy 

6 years of contemporary dance 

4 years of street dance 

1-year member of a dance team 

2 years choreographer for a team 

1-year teacher in a dance school 


Jazz-Funk is the style that has emerged from the hip-hop culture. The modern and fresh style developed fast into a single independent kind of dance. This jazz-funk course will help you to feel the music better, improve your confidence, and keep you fit and flexible. This is the plan for the new jazz-funk semester: stretching, choreography, jam, and exercises. 

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